Risk and Responsibilities

Component: Protecting Money & Assets | Grade Level: Grade 7-8

Learning Targets:

Targets for knowledge, skills, and behaviours below are possible targets. It is not expected that all will be covered by a single Teaching Unit. Teachers can select their learning targets using the Teaching Units provided (to the right), adaptations of these Teaching Units, or Units/Lesson Plans they develop on their own.


  • The concept of risk as it relates to the value of money, things you own, health and well-being, etc.
  • Types of risk that exist
  • Things people may own that they will need to protect
  • Risks when using a debit card
  • Risks when using a credit card
  • Risks when writing a cheque
  • Risks when using an ATM
  • Risks that exist for possessions


  • Recognize risks when they exist
  • Use a debit card safely
  • Use a credit card safely
  • Write a cheque properly and safely
  • Use an ATM safely


  • Look to identify risks that might exist
  • Take steps to avoid or reduce risk
  • Use financial products and services safely
  • Reduce or eliminate risks, as possible, when they exist

Teaching Unit:

Risk and Responsibilities

Life has many risks but some risks can be reduced when people are informed. Students need to understand that risks can affect not only their finances, but also their health and happiness. Learning about risk, and how risk can be reduced or eliminated, is important.

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