Resources and Production

Component: The Economy: Basics/Key Issues | Grade Level: Grade 4-6

Learning Targets:

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  • An economy’s role is to use available resources to produce and distribute products and services needed and wanted by consumers
  • Countries have different types, and quantities, of resources
  • Features of Canada’s early economy
  • Difference between needs and wants
  • Businesses are set up to combine resources to produce products and services consumers need and want and will buy
  • Specialization helps societies produce more and better things
  • Specialization leads to the need for exchange and interdependence among people, communities, and countries
  • Governments produce and provide some of the goods and services people need and want


  • Participate in the production of something to experience how specialization can increase and improve production
  • Identify key resources used in their community
  • Describe how resources in their community are used to produce products and services
  • Identify jobs that people do that help produce goods and services in their community


  • Consider how people in their community are different in the resources they have and what they can acquire
  • Look for ways to help others in their community who are in need
  • Think about jobs they would like to consider in the future

Teaching Unit:

Resources and Production

Resources are the basis of any economy. It is important for students to learn about the different types of resources, how they are used, how they can be used, and the importance of protecting our resources.

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