Investing to Make a Difference

Component: Investing Money | Grade Level: Grade 4-6

Learning Targets:

Targets for knowledge, skills, and behaviours below are possible targets. It is not expected that all will be covered by a single Teaching Unit. Teachers can select their learning targets using the Teaching Units provided (to the right), adaptations of these Teaching Units, or Units/Lesson Plans they develop on their own.


  • The concept of “investing” – that is, to make something change, grow, improve, etc. in the future
  • Different things that can be “invested” – time, effort, creativity, money
  • Why a person might want to invest time, effort, creativity, resources, etc. in something
  • The concept of “investing in yourself” and the goal and benefits of self-improvement
  • How resources can be invested to help others


  • Identify ways they can invest to improve themselves
  • Identify ways in which people, groups, organizations have invested in their community
  • Make an investment of time, effort, ideas, money etc. to improve something in their class, school, or community


  • Look for opportunities to improve things by investing time, ideas, innovative thinking, and money
  • Recognize and appreciate investments made by others
  • Make investments as they can to improve themselves, the circumstances of others, or the environment

Teaching Unit:

Investing to Make a Difference

Most people think “investing” is all about money – investing money to make money. But it is much more than that. It is about investing money, time, effort, ideas, etc. to make things better – including investing in education to improve oneself.

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