Community Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Component: Production of Goods & Services | Grade Level: Grade 9-10

Learning Targets:

Targets for knowledge, skills, and behaviours below are possible targets. It is not expected that all will be covered by a single Teaching Unit. Teachers can select their learning targets using the Teaching Units provided (to the right), adaptations of these Teaching Units, or Units/Lesson Plans they develop on their own.


  • Characteristics and skills common to many entrepreneurs
  • Enterprising skills and abilities can be applied to all endeavours
  • Roles of cooperatives, unions, NGOs, and volunteers in producing and providing goods and services
  • How to explore and identify opportunities
  • How to compare and evaluate opportunities for an enterprise
  • Key steps in setting up an enterprise – for-profit or not-for-profit
  • Key components of a plan to set up an enterprise


  • Assess their personal entrepreneurial interest and potential
  • Identify and assess opportunities for enterprising initiative in their community
  • Create and assess some ideas generated for an opportunity
  • Develop a plan for an enterprising initiative to address an opportunity in their school or community


  • Make informed decisions about their participation in the economy
  • Follow news and events that might lead to opportunities and affect their actions and decisions
  • Develop an effective plan to setup a business if they make the decision to become an entrepreneur
  • Consider opportunities for social enterprise to start initiatives that could help others or sustain the environment

Teaching Unit:

Community Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Every community depends on small businesses providing goods and services. Students should have an opportunity to develop enterprising skills – whether they ever start a business or not – and consider whether being an entrepreneur is of interest to them.

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