Including investments in education and training

  • Frauds and Scams – This site deals with frauds and scams and contains a quiz. It is produced by Industry Canada – Office of Consumer Affairs.
  • Get Smarter About Money – This is web site of the Investor Education Fund and has many resources related to investing. CFEE helped develop these resources for the IEF.
  • Money Instructor ­­- Money Instructor has created this website for kids as an introduction to investment.  There are many lessons about money appropriate for grades 3-12:  Some of the lessons are about stocks, bonds, interest, risk and return, return on investment, etc.
  • Stock Market Game – Students can play a stock market game. Note that this site contains ads.
  • Taking Stock in Your Future – This is the Investor Education Fund site “Taking Stock in Your Future.” It lists a number of available resources for teachers of various grade levels.
  • The City – This is the web site for the FCAC’s resource “The City.” Module 9 deals with Investing.
  • Investor Centre – This is the web site of The Investment Funds Institute of Canada. The “Investor Centre” section has basic resources and info on investing.
  • Fiscal Agents – This is the Fiscal Agents’ web site that has great online calculators to help with investment calculations.
  • Basic Investing – U.S. site: This site is designed to teach kids about basic investing. It includes articles on several topics, e.g. stocks, bonds.  A free ebook on day trading can be downloaded. Investopedia sponsors it.
  • CNN Money – U.S. site: This is a series of articles that address various investing topics. It is prepared by CNN Money.
  • Game and Activities – U.S. site: This is a website that contains a number of lessons, games and activities that address a number of financial topics.
  • Oracle Thinkquest Educational Foundation – U.S. site: This website is designed by kids for kids.  It examines stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. It teaches the principles of saving and investing.  It includes a stock game.  It is sponsored by Oracle Thinkquest Educational Foundation.
  • Stock Simulator – U.S. site: (This site contains ads). Here is a site that allows kids to make an artificial portfolio and buy stock for fun.
  • The Money Game Program – U.S. site:  This is a very complete program created to teach all aspects of financial literacy. The Money Game® uses a very active style of teaching called accelerated learning. Participants do more than listen to the lessons…they act the lessons out. The cost is $299 for the ready to play game, or $99 for the PDF version.