Managing the present to help build a future

  • Taking Control of Your Money – This is a link to a chapter in CFEE’s book “Money and Youth” that focuses on budgeting and planning.
  • Budgets and Budgeting – This is the section from the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education’s web site “Managing Your Money in Canada” that focuses on budgets and budgeting.
  • Budgeting – This is the section from the Investor Education Fund web site “Get Smarter About Money” that focuses on budgeting.
  • Make It Count – Canadian Securities site – On line lessons and worksheets on money concepts.
  • Budgeting – U.S. site: This website has worksheets and lesson plans for elementary students on budgeting concepts.
  • Financial Literacy Lessons – U.S. site: A series of lessons about savings and budgeting, including money matters, credit concepts, future goals, investing and budgeting.
  • Monthly Family Budget – U.S. site: Many lessons such as a Monthly Family Budget. Worksheets for students and teachers are included.
  • Teaching Money Concepts – U.S. site: Many lessons for teaching money concepts: e.g. money management, needs and wants and market values.


  • Song Videos – U.S. site: Several song videos that teach about planning for the unexpected, saving, needs and wants, making money, etc. from National Geographic Kids.